Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Quiznos, the Anti-Diet

The other day at work, the nurses were ordering out from Quizno's for lunch.  I have always loved them, but don't eat it much because it is too expensive for a sandwich joint.  Well, I started looking at their options and decided on an innocent looking salad.  That can't be too bad, right?  WRONG.  My chicken caesar salad had 63 grams of fat in it.  I was agog, I was aghast.  How can they pack all that crap into a little salad?  Needless to say, I didn't order.  I just ate my little Nutrisystem lunch and was very happy. 


  1. It's amazing how fatty salads could be! It's all in the dressing too I think! Good for you for resisting and eating healthily!!

    Take care

  2. Last time I checked McDonalds salads have nearly as much fat when you add the dressing as a small burger. They just like to con you into thinking your being healthy.


  3. 63 GRAMS OF FAT??? Are you kidding me??? I like to eat the chicken ceasar salad at the Costco food court. And I think it's twice the size of the Quizno's salad. Good thing I make two meals out of it. Still, if halved it has over 30 grams of fat, that is like a whole day's fat requirement.

  4. way to be strong!
    I've heard that many dieters don't realize the fat content in salad dressings. Might as well order a sandwich, right?
    Happy non-quitter q day!

  5. I am with Karen, 63 grams of Fat!!! Unbelievable. How can salad have so much fat in it?

  6. I love watching America's biggest loser and they said about the fat in some salads.

  7. All this is why I like to eat the food I fix. Then I know what's in it.

    Applause for your final decision. It's difficult when you're in the workplace to go the healthy route. But you did it!
    Ann Carbine Best, Long Journey Home

  8. A very smart observation... wow!

    Can you pack your own salad/lunch and bring it with you to work? Just a thought ;-)


  9. Holy cow that's a lot! Amazing how much garbage take-away places can stuff into "healthy" foods.