Friday, April 1, 2011


I have been following Nutrisystem for a while and have discovered a few things about myself.  Aspartame may be an alternative for sugar, but it has a downside.  I can guarantee that one hour after consuming a food containing aspartame I will be hungry again.  Not regular hungry, but starving hungry...feed me right now hungry.  Therefore, I am trying to enjoy my food without any sweetener.  It's tough.  Some days I would rather be fat.


  1. I know what you mean. It's hard to cut down on sugar and also avoid artificial sweeteners. Have you tried stevia or one of the stevia blends?

    Good luck with A to Z!

  2. Apparently aspartame pickles your cells. Yikes!
    Sometimes I don't think calories are the ruthless enemy we paint them to be.

  3. Oh please have some honey or something like that as a sugar alternative!!

    Big hugs and yay for your A word!! Take care

  4. I do honey, nothing else, and only in baking and on toast. You can get your taste buds accustomed to cutting out sugar. Your body will love it, trust me. Been doing this now for over 20 years.

  5. I agree with Kitty & Ann B. Honey is loverly. Give that a try.

  6. Honey is a great idea, but we have one of those boxes of nutrasweet from costco that has like 750 packets. When it is gone, then we will convert over. My husband and I will both go on stevia or honey.

  7. I don't know what I'd do without sugar! Giving up caffeine was bad enough. :(

    I think honey will be a good thing when you finally finish all that nutrasweet!

  8. I love real sugar...and hate the aftertaste of every type of artificial sweetener. I don't even like honey.

    But, you chose a unique A-word. I bet you're the only one out of the 1,000+ who used it. :)

    I'm your newest follower. *waves hello* :)

    Happy weekend,

  9. Also it is a neurotoxin and can lead to birth defects...
    Best to avoid it altogether.

  10. I cut down on sugar and now I find some things are just too sweet to eat. Try more fruit and get your sugar fix out of them.