Tuesday, April 12, 2011

K is for Kitchen Woes

I figured with me eating nutrisystem every day, my kitchen would stay clean.  I was right.  It is spotless.  My husband uses the same pan over and over for his meals, and my food comes from a box.  So what is my problem?  Well, I miss cooking.  I miss baking bread, cookies, cobbler, lemon bars. I miss trying new recipes for chicken in an attempt to make it interesting.  I miss full-fat cheese melted on everything.  Huh.  I think I just figured out why I am overweight.


  1. That is a lot of missing. But as you say...the upside is the clean kitchen. Oh what I wouldn't give for a clean kitchen!!!

  2. Have you ever been in these homes where the kitchen is ALWAYS clean?? Like a model home? I always wondered how they did it, and you answered the question for me-- they don't cook!

  3. go ahead, cook and enjoy homemade meals.

    bless you.

  4. I hope you get back to cooking and baking soon!! Take care

  5. A clean kitchen is a nice thing to have. I also like those days because we eat, we are done for the night. No cleaning up much after "dinner." Let's face it. There are too many good foods in the world that want to plump up our fat cells. I go up and down.

  6. I wish that I could afford Nutrisystem. I am doing Weight Watchers and my own cooking, so I am still dealing with the mess. Good luck with your diet.

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  7. I need a maid. Cooking's ok.. it's all the cleaning up that's grotty. Good luck with the diet - you look pretty darn skinny to me!

  8. I love to cook, too, but I think I love a kitchen that stays clean even more. :)

  9. um...what's a clean kitchen? hehe aww you gotta have a treat at least once a week.

  10. When you figure out how to do all, clean kitchen and cooking and keep weight off, I'll be buying the book.

    I've been reading around your posts and know I'll be back to read more. I'm stopping in from the A-Z challenge.

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  11. Hello, I found you on the navigation button. Clean kitchens are a delight but so is home cooking.
    Wanna buy a duck