Thursday, September 27, 2012

Taste Buds

It is amazing to me how when it is THAT time of the month nothing tastes good except for chocolate, sugar, and bread.  For an entire week I fell off the low-carb wagon and wallowed around in the joy and pain of sugar in all its may forms.  My week had started off by making a delicious Salad Nicoise.

This was supposed to tide me over my week of working.  Unfortunately with the change in my hormone status the first thing I said was "Ugg.  Tastes like dirt."  (I promise that it didn't.  It really is quite delicious.)  I am now surfacing from the week of horror and have made my first meal.

Baked Red Bell Pepper and Salami Salad.  Ahh, It's nice to be back on the wagon.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hotel Changes

So Karen, you wanted more pictures of the hotel and here they are.  The first shot is what it looked like in March.

The before shot

The after shot (pretend the floor has been cleaned)

This is my favorite place.  Every morning we would sit out here and watch the village come alive.

I'll be back there soon enough, but for now these pictures will have to keep the homesickness away.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The End of an Era (Sort of)

After 12 years without a serious haircut, I finally had to do it.  No more luscious, flowing locks for me. Apparently, at some point during my week-long carbohydrate binge my hair got too close to the stove.  About six inches of it melted.  So I was forced to take the plunge and cut it off.
Yes, that is my pile of hair.  Now I look like this.

Back to the hairstyle I had when I was 15 years old.  Don't I look young?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

I have a new computer, blogger is working, my wireless speakers are blasting my favorite Christmas music, there is nothing to prevent me from reentering the virtual world again.  I spent yesterday reviewing my favorite blogs and it feels good to be reconnected, even though I was my usual invisible visitor.

So what has been going on in my life since January?

I learned how to sand and stain

Attended the birthday party of the cutest nephew in the world

Adopted a Guatemala street dog named Bailey (I promise she is cuter than this picture).  But she loves her belly rubbed.

Spent the last eight months missing my husband as he works on our hotel in Guatemala.

But look how far he has come.

And of course I have been back there several times.

So that is my life, up to date.  See you around....