Thursday, June 24, 2010

What $2 Will Buy You

Other that one night spent walking for hours, we spent our vacation in a variety of hotels (using that word loosely).  I won't bore you with a list of places, their prices, pros and cons, but I will mention one.  We had spent all day on a bus and arrived in town about 9pm.  Using the trusty Lonely Planet Guide we selected a hospedaje only a few blocks from the bus stop.  Supposedly it had comfortable beds.  For $2 we got a room. 

Perhaps it had changed owners since the publishing of the Lonely Planet because I would not label these beds "comfortable".  I would have said, "Beware of the pillows."  The pillows were full of bugs, small termitey looking things.  Maybe flying ants, I don't know.  We brushed the bugs off the bed, threw the pillows into the corner, used our own blanket and generous amounts of bug repellent.  I actually slept really well.


  1. For two buck you got a room, a bed, a good night's sleep and free complimentary bugs... Not that bad a deal. : j

  2. Oh wow!!!! What adventurers you are!! And well done for coping so beautifully!!! I'm so glad you slept well and are ok!

    I like that the room was pink!

    Take care