Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Broken Blogger

So I made it safely back from vacation only to be thwarted by blogger. I can't figure out how to get my new picture the right size for my blog. I actually haven't even decided which one to use but as I was playing with my edits I must have broken something. I can't even get my old picture of Flores up there to be the right size. Next I tried to insert some pictures into this blog but could only get them to show up at the top of the text. Surely somewhere there is a tutorial for how to use this site without resorting to trial and error, calling family, or begging your blogger friends. Having failed trial and error, been brushed off by my family, I am asking fellow bloggers, "How do I get pictures into the text, and how do I adjust the size of the picture at the top of the blog?" Better yet, where is a tutorial? That way I can solve my future problems. I guess this is what I deserve after dropping out of society for three weeks......


  1. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

    Erm... I have no idea how to help with your header's size- I'm so sorry! I just go with whatever template Blogger decides!! I think I have only been brave enough to change the text and colours! :-)

    I think too that maybe trying their new design layouts might be more user friendly? Blogger has been sort of forcing many to try their new design templates! I succumbed!!

    good luck!!!! and welcome back!!

    take care

  2. I think you have to go to gadget and fit it into the header spot.

  3. Hey there! Nice to read you.
    Welcome back. : j