Sunday, July 11, 2010

The End of Reality Dysfunction

I finally finished reading all six books in the Reality Dysfunction series.  There was so much story packed into those books, I actually want to reread them.  Unfortunately I think he ruined the ending.  Perhaps I am the only person who thinks so, but still.  What a letdown.  He had all this build up with about six or seven different plotlines reaching a breaking point and then pfffttt.  It is all magically fixed, there is no residual effects, alls well that ends well.  How lame.  He put such detail into every aspect of the story how could he just overlook the ending like that.  I am sure he has the creativity to fix it, but maybe he was tired of the story by then and just wanted it over. I was hoping for more...but I will read it again.


  1. Oh that's such a shame!!!! But you're right - maybe a retrospective reading might make the ending more palatable?

    This may not be the same thing but I remember watching Frasier as it limped to it's 10th season and ended and I remember thinking - what was that about? But many years later as I watch them again I really don't think it was all that bad!

    Anyway - well done you for sticking to the series!! That's some epic story!

    Take care

  2. It is a shame when an ending just limps along after a cracking good read. Leaves you feeling empty in a way. Let down. Maybe as Kitty says a re-read will improve your experience with it. Well done for seeing it through when you had such a shaky start.

  3. It must have been good enough to get you through 6 books! Too bad about the ending, though, that seems silly to write so much and cop out at the end.

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