Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apartment Hunting

I am looking for an new apartment as our lease is up in eight days.  I have found the perfect place.  It has a gormet kitchen, separate dining room, laundry room complete with washer and dryer, a front AND back door, and a garage.   Unfortunatly, they seem to have a problem with can you have a home without cats? 

So instead we are going to have to move somewhere else.
Although small, they have no problem with bringing along your pets.  The entire place can be lit up with one light bulb so the electric bill will be manageable, there is no indoor plumbing so the water bill will be nonexistant.  I can't wait to show my husband our new home.


  1. That is a beautiful place. I wonder if it has hardwood floors.

  2. But just think how happy your cats will be! :-)

    I love your header and new look blog - I love that gorgeous pic of you and hubby looking extremely well travelled, suntanned and utterly loving every moment!! Brilliant!

    When I was looking for a place to rent with my kitties - I was amazed at how landlords/ladies said no the moment I mentioned I had cats. It was very very disheartening!!! So I do feel your pain!! :-)

    Good luck with your search!!! You will find the perfect place!

    Take care

  3. I remember when my flatmate's cat clawed the wallpaper in the hallway. I glued back every little rip, took ages but looked like new. Then the naughty cat went and did it again!!!

  4. Love the new look!! What a lovely picture at the top. Aren't you so pretty!