Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am officially an idiot. Surfing all day with no sunblock...what was I thinking? Once I figure out how to add pictures using a foreign computer you will see. I am the one that looks like a sundried tomato. Even my fingers are burnt.
Our Good Deed. We adopted a kitty named Paqueta. She looks about 3-4 weeks old, fits in the palm of my hand, and was abandoned at a ferry port (pictures forthcoming). There is no town there, no people, no other animals and she just appeared there the day we arrived. She adopted us and we could not leave her behind....she would have died. Our plan was to get her to a vet, get her papers so we could fly home with her. Unfortunately, this is not the states. There aren't vets where we were. There are no PetSmarts, Walgreens, or anywhere we could get her supplies. We were able to feed her milk from a soda lid, but taking buses was tricky. Where can she go to the bathroom? On my sweater is where. Yesterday we took her with us on the beach as we searched for the surf classes we wanted. Once we got there, the kitty didn't want to leave. She kept running back up to the little house. Luckily the people there loved her too and said they would take care of her. We spent last night with her and took her back there today. I am sad. We only got to keep her four days. She was the sweetest little thing with the biggest personality. She scared all the stray dogs.
Tomorrow we leave Samara and head up to Nicaragua. We are all anxious to reach Guatemala and settle in there. I am glad we visited Costa Rica, but Guatemala is home (sort of). Once there I will figure out this picture thing.


  1. Oh you poor thing!! Take care under the sun!! And I hope you are not too sunburnt?? Hope not!

    What a lovely story of Kitty Paqueta! She sounds so adorable!! Will you never see her again? I hope the family she's with will love her and care for her as you have!

    Gosh - Guatemala then Nicaragua!!! How exciting!!

    Take care and WEAR YOUR SUNBLOCK or a hat! :-)

  2. All that sun sounds great. It is 56 degrees here.

    And milk from a soda lid is probably better than anything you could have bought at a Pet Smart anyway.

  3. I am glad she found a safe home. Looking forward to the pictures.
    Have a good day!:)