Friday, May 28, 2010

What day is it, anyway?

So much to say, but the sun is calling my name. It finally stopped raining today, but it is too late for our clothes. They are all moldy. After our beach walk we will be doing our laundry. I can't get away from it even on vacation. But here are a few hints about our tree, tiny kitty, wasps nest, midnight hike. Perhaps tomorrow or the next day will come a story. What day is it, anyway?


  1. Can't wait to hear more!! Must hear more! Hungry for Costa Rica stories!

  2. "mango tree, tiny kitty, wasps nest, midnight hike" and er... "moldy clothes".

    My goodness!! What sort of adventurous trek are you all on! But sounds so utterly exotic and completely fabulous! And I can tell you are having a whale of a time!! Well good for you!

    What day is it? It's still Friday here in the UK - but who cares when you seem to be in a raw paradise at the moment??

    :-) Take care!!!!

  3. geez, I dunno, Thursday?

    Milt xx (wish I were there...)

  4. ooh it sounds like you're having fun. Hope you're taking lots of photos to show us :o))