Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have been tagged by Niki. Since I am secretly jealous of her life I must do as she says and answer these five questions five times.

Where were you five years ago?
1. Living in Koreatown at the heart of gangland paying 1/3 of the rent I pay now.
2. Working at California Hospital learning to be a labor and delivery nurse, also at the heart of gangland.
3. Newly married to my Latin lover who had rules about me not going outside the apartment when he wasn't with me. I guess he forgot I lived there without him for three years and never got myself killed.
4. New parents to Amos and Annie (my kitties). Latin lover saw a mouse and finally agreed to a cat. I managed to convince him to get two.
5. Drowning in debt after two years of all school and no job.

Where would you like to be five years from now?
1. Living in my own place with no roommates, perhaps in Arizona where it is always warm.
2. Thinner. Even a little bit would be nice.
3. Back in school (again).
4. Latin lover out of school and bringing home the bacon.
5. Did I say I wanted to be living in my own place with no roommates? If I say it twice will it come true?

What is on your to-do list today?
1. Go to gym so I can be thinner.
2. Shop at Costco.
3. Read books (I am reading four right now. They all demand my attention.)
4. Put away laundry. The roommates clean the apartment. They even clean the kitchen so I don't have to usually have to do that, thank goodness.
5. Study Pediatric nursing with my Latin lover. That will take all day.

What five snacks do you enjoy?
1. Popcorn.
2. Oatmeal cookie dough.
3. Diet Coke.
4. Dried apples.
5. Chocolate chips.

What would you do if you were a Billionaire?
1. Take my entire extended family on a vacation around the world to see famous historical sites.
2. Pay off my student loans.
3. Buy a computer with a "u" that works every time.
4. Provide housing for my entire family.
5. Live on a wildlife preserve for big cats, preferably the size of Wyoming.

Enough about me, how about learning about these five bloggers?
Ann Best


  1. About your "U", have you blasted canned air at it? It sounds like the kind of problem that can be cause by dust interfering with the connection. If it's a desktop keyboard you can even open the KB up and clean the connectors. If it's a laptop, try blasting air at it and tilting it to dislodge whatever is interfering.

  2. I've been tagged with this game a few times and just can't bring myself to do it because I think my life is dull and I myself am a boring person which is why I write. Then I can be whoever I want and try out different voices. (Even on my blog lol!) I'll consider it but can't promise anything :) Your answers were so interesting. I really enjoyed reading them and learning about your hopes and dreams! I hope Costco has some good samples out for you today!

  3. Alesa, I have one of those cans of blasted air. It is under the kitchen sink collecting dust. Pfffft! There, now I can spend that billion dollars on something else. Thanks for the reminder.

    Karen, that is why I tagged you. You might think it is dull but what about the rest of us hanging on your every word? We are dying for a glimpse of you.

  4. Thank you Jane. I am thrilled to take up the baton. Enjoyed your answers!

  5. Hi Jane

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :). And good for you for managing to talk your Latin lover into getting TWO kitties hee, hee. Actually I don't know why I'm laughing. I know for SURE that Muttie is off to the Dogs Trust on Sunday to look at puppies again. Maybe I'll come live with your two?

    Milt x

  6. Hi

    Oatmeal cookie DOUGH??? LOL!

    Wow!! That actually sounds quite scrummy! :-)

    Great tagging fun game - and great to get to know you a little bit more!

    Take care

  7. Oh that would have been so scary living in gangland. wow you must be a very strong lady. Love the kitties names awww :o)Great getting to know you more.

  8. Thank you, Jane! I shall try and get this tag up today - a nice little diversion in-between cough-real-work-cough. :)

    I love the sound of oatmeal cookie dough. I especially like it with chocolate chips. and Amos and Annie! What cute lovely names for little kits. The gangland thing sounds a bit scary though - and I am hoping in five years you will definitely have your own lovely place!