Thursday, March 3, 2011

There is something about knowing the I am supposed to be busy that requires me to sit at my computer and just read blogs all day long.  Of course, I didn't sign in so I never commented but what I waste of a day.  I have been up since 5am and accomplished nothing except make a list and scrub the shower.  Oh yeah, and spent $300 on internet shopping.  My husband comes back from school at 4pm and all my errands are supposed to be done by then....maybe I should just give up the day as lost and go take a nap.  If I sleep in my gym clothes does that count as working out?


  1. I think you should just take a nap. Did you read my blog among all those other 30? This post makes me want to come bring you soup.

  2. You also lose weight sleeping!! I;m sure I read that somewhere!! Well I'm sticking to that notion anyway - it suits me fine!!!!

    I think you had a very productive day! :-) Take care

  3. Did you wake up skinnier? :o)