Saturday, March 12, 2011

A New Me

I feel so weird.  For the first time in weeks I have the energy to write a blog post.  I have been sick FOREVER!! and today had the energy to go grocery shopping.  It is amazing what a little antibiotic can do for you.  Of course, my energy has not yet sent me cleaning my filthy kitchen but I keep hoping my husband will do it.  He is so good about keeping the laundry clean but the kitchen is a different matter.  We just keep washing the same spoon, fork, and cup and leave all the rest of the dishes.  Someday.....


  1. The most imporant is that you get better!! Get well!!!! Your kitchen is fine!!! :-)

    Yay that you're feeling a bit more energized!!! It must also be the coming Spring!!! Take care

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I am still dragging a bit after my bout, but seem I have noticed my energy levels improving a bit each day. I wouldn't worry too much about the housework. No matter how much you do there is always more tomorrow!

  3. I hope you continue to feel good and to post about your day. I have missed your posts, in fact I almost missed this one because my laptop internet went kaput and I'm having to blog on the uncomfortable big desktop. Clearly a disadvantage.