Sunday, September 26, 2010

Problem Solved...I hope.

I think I have finally solved my computer problem.  I can’t believe it took me this long.  I write my blogs on a word document and then paste it.  My poor computer gets tired having to do two things at once, so this way I hopefully will be able to post AND visit blogs before it gives up exhausted.  Hopefully I can even fit a comment or two in. 


  1. Good luck!! It's been a bad week for pc problems - well for me it's blogger trying to be very clever and me not! LOL!

    take care

  2. I surely hope this solves your computer problems because I love your posts and your comments. You don't post OR comment enough imho!

  3. I am delighted to hear you have solved your computer woes. Well done you!

  4. Oh dear Jane, your poor computer sounds like mine. I do hope the problem is now fixed!