Friday, September 10, 2010

Joshua Tree In All Its Glory

Over Labor Day weekend my husband and I went to Joshua Tree National Park. We both enjoy the outdoors and love to hike  There is a 3.7 mile trail (one way) that my husband wanted to try.  Sure.  Right.  It was 113 degrees out.  We had already run 4 miles early that morning and I was on my period so I didn't want to go that far, but I really don't like being a wimp. 
We got to the beginning of the hike and I started getting the water together.  What did my husband say?  "We don't need that.  I am not going to carry it."  Good thing I didn't listen to him.  What I actually said was, "OK.  I will carry it but I won't share."  Five minutes into the hike he offered to carry the water.  What he wanted was a drink.  It was REALLY hot. 
We got about two miles in and I was exhausted.  Did I mention I was on my period?  That we had already run four miles?  I was plugging along getting hot and cranky when I saw a deer bound across the path.  My husband said it was a goose.  What? A goose?  It was NOT a goose.  That was the final straw and I refused to go any further.  
On the way back I stopped under the shade of a bush to relax for a minute.  Did I see all the stickers on the ground?  Of course I did but I sat down anyway.  Those stickers don't come out and they don't brush off.  My husband spent the night pulling all the little thorns out of my bum with a pair of tweezers.


  1. Omigosh I am LOLing at this. A goose???? Don't take water on a desert hike????? Hiking on your period? Who ARE you people? Glad you got back alive!

  2. Me too. I don't think we are going back there again. From now on we hike mountains.

  3. Ouch!

    And I echo KarenG- you are lucky you got back in one piece.

  4. Your poor bum! I'm not an outdoors kind of gal, so I sympathize.

  5. Oh my goodness!! I am so glad to hear that you are both ok!! Never ever go hiking without water - never!! Oh dear!!!

    I hope you are now well rested. Silly hubby! LOL! Nevermind - one lives and learns (you don't have to cos you so knew...!!!).

    Take care

  6. Ouch! I take water everywhere - even on the tube - so I am so glad you took some with you. The colour and light in the photograph is gorgeous, but this sounds madly energetic - especially for a period day! Period days are for lounging and eating chocolate. :)

  7. Thorns in the bum owwwww. Brings back painful memories of falling into a gorsh bush while wearing a bikini!! hehe

  8. It was fun though right!?! Did he tell you that?

  9. Oh, I love those Joshua trees. The first time I saw them I was captivated by them. Jen and I lived in St. George, Utah for a while and I had a nephew in Tucson and that's where twice I experienced all that wonderful desert stuff. But you do need water in the desert. And you don't sit on anything prickly!