Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Trouble with Reading

I have a problem.  I read and read and read and then when I sleep I am reading in my sleep.  I spent all last night chasing after the characters in my current addiction.  I woke up exhausted.  How am I supposed to work?  I keep trying to limit the amount of hours I spend with my face in my Kindle, but I continually give in to my addiction.  I read at red lights, when I am stopped in traffic, while I am waiting three minutes to clock in at work.  Now that we are in our perfect new place, I curl up in the front room and read instead of unpacking all our clothes.  I think I have a problem.


  1. Hmm new danger of using Kindle? A traffic hazard? And what is the book that's keeping you so engaged?

  2. I wish I had your problem! LOL!!!! And a Kindle - I want one now! :-)

    Enjoy your reading - I can't think of better ways to spend free time (well I can but then I'll be arrested for sure! LOL!).

    p.s. Yes, what's this fab book/books that's got your attention?!?!

    Take care

  3. It is a set of books by Michael Scott. They are based on Nicholas Flamel who I heard of for the first time in Harry Potter. Appearently Nicholas Flamel is a real person, but once again in these books he is a magician who has lived for 600 years. They are YA fantasy, so far I am on book three of four (I think). The first one is called The Alchemist.

  4. As addictions go, that's one of the more practical ones. : j