Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Discovery

AAAAGGGG!!  I just found a fat pad on my foot.  I didn't know you could get fat there.  That is the final straw.  I am starting a real diet tomorrow.  Not one of those fake diets where you just pretend you aren't eating junk, but sneak it when no one is looking.  A real diet where I don't eat crap all day long.  No more crap!!! No more fat pad on my feet!!!


  1. Oh wow. What on earth is a fat pad?!?! LOL!! Awww good luck with your diet - I personally think it's our bodies getting ready for winter!!! Or so I'd like to tell myself anyway!!! :-) Take care

  2. My friend just started the HCL or something diet. She swears by eat. And you have to gorge for 2 days before you begin. Which sounds pretty good to me LOL. Only I'd probably just keep gorging and never start the actual diet.

  3. Fat pad on feet?! Noooooo! I think I need to start eating healthy (my words for d.i.e.t) as well. The only problem is I can't think without sugar! This is going to be tough...

  4. Oh, I do hope you can to it. My daughter and I eat very healthy, not because my daughter and I need to lose weight (I definitely don't! I weighed 80 when I was 12; I weight 89 now after four children) but because I can vouch for the fact that I FEEL much better without refined sugar, refined white flour, etc.

    Good luck! And I'm re-following, as you can see. I lost my followers when my blog crashed recently, and I'm trying to get my followers back and re-follow those I don't want to lose! So I hope you'll come over and reciprocate.

  5. fat pad? hehe if that's what it is called then my whole body is covered in fat pads lol