Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh The Sweet Agony

How could I forget that I am lactose intolerant? Why would I think that I could eat so much tres leches cake and not feel the after effects? But I just can't stop myself. So, so delicious. Velva of Tomatoes on the Vine (I couldn't get the likn button to work) posted the recipie and although mine wasn't as pretty, the taste was perfect. My husband who lived in Guatemala for three years took one bite and said, "Now THAT is good Tres Leches."


  1. Mmmmmm....tres leches cake is SOOOOOOO good! :)

  2. There are many foods I like which do not like me. My supervisor at the blood center shares this trait with me. Unlike me, like you, he eats them, then stoically endures the agony.

    You have a lovely blog, Roland

  3. Hi!

    Well it sounds like it was worth suffering for!

    Yum, yum!

    Hope you are ok though!

    Take care

  4. hehe oh you make it sound so yummy. I will have to check out the picture and recipe. Have not heard of it before. :o)

  5. Roland, Thanks for coming by. I guess my tastbuds rule my logic, especially where sweets are concerned.

    Niki, I promise there is no going back once you try it.

    Kitty, pain for a day was well worth it.

    Lisa, WooWoo!! A fellow lover of leches!