Monday, April 26, 2010

Kitchen Dancing

Why Jane Finchwood, what are you doing dancing around your kitchen floor? Haven't you been up since 4am? Yes, I have been awake for quite some time but I feel wonderful today. I just bought airline tickets for Costa Rica. I am getting a three week vacation from studying, work, and roommates. I also drank a ZippFizz, that magical elixir that fills me with joy and energy. Today I am taking on the world!!! Right after the grocery store trip for tres leches cake ingredients.


  1. Nice, congratulations!
    And yumm, pastel tres leches!

  2. Oh Wow!!!

    That's brilliant!!!

    Three weeks of fun and frolics! Good for you!!!

    What is a tres leches cake???? I must google it now to find out!

    Take care

  3. Yes airline tickets can do that for you. I purchased my tickets last week and have been on cloud nine every since. Enjoy the tres leches!

  4. Ann, where are you going?

    Kitty, I found a new blog called Tomatoes on the Vine. She posts recipies and pictures. A post from a few days ago featured tres leches. Check it out.

  5. What a fabulous way to wake-up feeling energized and excited. Cheers to you!
    Hey by the way, you will never put that cake down until it is all gone. The cake is sinfully delicious. I am so glad that you want to make it. Please let me know hw it turns out.

  6. A zippfizz? What is this marvellous sounding drink?! I definitely need some zippfizz in my life, I reckon. And an airline ticket wouldn't go amiss either! :)

    Yeay for you - sounds like you deserve a nice holiday! Costa Rica for three weeks sounds perfect.

  7. Velva, you can bet I will let you know! Today is the big day.

    Alexandra, I can't wait. I have been to Guatemala and Honduras, but never Costa Rica. We are going through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, then Belize and home by way of Guatemala.

    Jayne, Zippfizz is the best part of every day. It is a powder that you add to water and contains lots of vitamins and a hint of caffeine.

  8. I've never had ZippFizz nor been to Costa Rica (actually I don't know what ZippFizz is).

    Congratulations on getting the vacation organised - I'm sure you will have a wonderful time.