Friday, March 26, 2010

Seven Interesting Thing....

Thanks Niki for the beautiful blogger award. This means I have to write seven interesting things about myself. Now if only I could figure out how to get the award over here....

1. I read Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card two times in a row without putting it down, and I had to work the next day.

2. My scrubs never match....and neither do my socks. Nobody can see socks, so who cares?

3. I have been to six different universities and still don't have a bachelors degree.

4. I swear I was abducted by aliens in the seventh grade...I lost an entire hour.

5. Two houses I lived in as a child had secret chambers.

6. Sometimes I am too tired to go to bed. My husband has to send me like a little child. I will just continue staring at the computer or television as I slump lower and lower in my seat.

7. I have never held a job down longer that 18 months.

Enough about me, now onto the blogs that actually deserve this award....
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  1. Omigosh you are too funny! These are really interesting things, I am laughing here.

  2. oooh I would love to live in a house with secret chambers.

    Go to my blog, right-click on the picture of the award, click 'save picture as' then save it to a place where you can find it again, then add it as a picture gadget on your side-bar. To add it to this post, you have to go into your dashboard, 'edit post' then 'edit' on this post, then 'insert image' next to 'LINK', find the pic and insert it. hehehe simple!! clear as mud eh lol

  3. Hi
    Brilliant interesting things about you! I love number 4 especially - you never, ever know is what I say! All things are possible!


    Take care

  4. You are one see's the socks so who cares. Secret chambers what fun!!! I never lived in a house with seret chambers. Such fun Jane and totally interesting!

  5. Secret chambers! Oh... that sounds like it is straight out of a Famous Five book. I would have loved it! I once made up that my house had a secret passage and so desperately wanted to believe it that I asked my mum to see if there was any possibility of a secret passage, and she laughed and said the only passages coming in and out of the house was sewer pipes, and I was like... oh. Not quite what I had in mind!

  6. Nice blog, I came over from Niki's. :) I totally agree about the socks. If anyone WOULD care, they're the ones to laugh at. :)

  7. Niki, thanks for the info and the award. Of course, I still need to try and get it.

    Jayne, what is a Famous Five book? I have never heard of them. Do tell, I am always looking for variety in my reading.

    Kitty, if I was any good at writing stories the alien abduction would be a good one. Unfortunately, every time I try I am immediatly bored with it.

    Ann, I work with some nurses who make it a point to notice my socks...every time.

    Faith, thanks for visiting. I love the connections between blogs. It is such a great way to find friends. I will hop right over to yours to meet you.