Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Laundry As An Avoidance Technique

I have something I am supposed to be doing. I am supposed to be studying. I love to study. I love to learn new things. I like staying up late because I am focused on gaining knowledge. I like stretching my brain and learning something outside the area of Labor and Delivery nursing. But I hate ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support). I have a 4 hour refresher course tomorrow. I have to take this class every two years, and it never gets easier. I don't use it (ever) and the information never seems to stick to my brain.

So instead of learning all about heart problems and the medication, symptoms, and treatments that go with it, I am catching up on all the blogs I have missed lately. I am also doing laundry. I always get so much laundry done when I am avoiding something. I can say, "Look what I did," even though I don't like laundry either.
I am now down to eleven hours till go time. I still know nothing. Of course there is always more laundry......I could go to the gym......or the grocery store......make bread.....


  1. Hi

    Doing laundry is always a good thing to do!

    But I so know the feeling. If it's something I have to do I go through extreme lengths to avoid it! Especially when there's bread to bake because I do so love doing that!

    Take care and good luck with your studying.

  2. How funny - my avoidance technique is also usually something to do with laundry! It usually starts as a compulsion to re-organise my entire wardrobe, and in extreme cases sees me ironing and mending clothes I don't wear. This usually means I am putting off writing something tricky. Sometimes these sort of avoidance tactics sort of free the mind to be able to concentrate. And at the very least I will have a nice ordered wardrobe!

    Hope your studying went well. :)

  3. You are doing laundry instead of studying???!!! This is not the Jane I know.

  4. Laundry is not one of the things I use as an avoidance tool. Laundry is something I am always trying to avoid! But I know exactly what you are talking about. I watch old movies or peruse photo albums. So unlike you I have nothing to show for my avoidance behaviour.

    I hope your refresher course went well. And now you have all those clean cloths too. Well done you.

  5. haha I dust and hoover. Hope the course went well :o)

  6. laundry is always a way out when you want to do something useful but slightly unimportant :)