Monday, February 15, 2010

Fake Book Review

What a fun read! I just finished Ghost Waves by W. Everett Prusso and it was a delight. The last several books I have read were decent enough, but Ghost Waves was great from beginning to end. How refreshing to read a good story well told. I took the book to work today and every spare minute was filled with Captain Scrimshaw, Lady Reid, and the four heroes. Even though work was horrible and busy, these characters kept me sane. If only the book were three times as long and I could continue the story....but I will wait. I have no choice. This book has made my list of books to be re-read over and over.

And no, you can't borrow it. I might want it. You will have to get your own.


  1. Hi Jane!

    Ok!! LOL!

    Thanks for the info - the thing I love about blogging is that I get to be introduced to such a lot of great things - like this title that I've never heard of but I have now. I shall have a look at it in Amazon.


    Hope work isn't too horrid today. It was pretty awful for me too yesterday - I couldn't wait to get home to my cat and my blogging world!

    Take care

  2. And what makes this a fake book review? LOL!! I think it's a pretty dang good review.

  3. I agree, this is a great book review. I want to go out and get this book right away. I love books that make me want more. Happy Pancake Tuesday to you!!!

  4. After reading a wonderful book every other book seems disappointing for a while; even other good books that you are just not in the mood for.

  5. Karen, this is a fake book review because I didn't approach it with a desire to list pro's and con's. I only wanted to comment on my emotional connection to the it made my day easier to handle.

  6. Those are the best kinds of reviews imho.

  7. I will add this to my Amazon wish list... anything that can keep me occupied on the metro is a good read.