Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blog Awards

Blog awards freak me out. I received an Over the Top award from Coming Down the Mountain and I couldn't handle the pressure. Answer questions? Only one word? People reading my innermost thoughts? Although I have been secretly jealous of blog awards ever since entering the blogging world, receiving my first one was scary. So scary in fact that I didn't even say thank you. I regressed back to fourth grade where I was too shy to say "Sorry" if I bumped into someone. I would just stare at them and hope they wouldn't talk to me. Of course now I never stop talking, but every now and then that old me pops up in weird places.

Then, again today, another award comes my way. Old Kitty surprises me with a Prolific Blogger award. This time I was able to unfreeze enough to at least say thank you. Perhaps someday I will have the courage to pick it up and pass it along. For now, I will just know it is there waiting patiently for me.


  1. Awwwww!!

    The Cat and I send you tons of furry hugs!

    I'll keep yours all polished and pristine just for you!


    Take care

  2. I wondered if my blog would ever receive an award too. I was thriled when I received my first one. Like you wondered if I could actually complete the task. It is hard answering questions with only one word. It turned out to be a bit of fun. Hope when you take yours out and dust it off, you will find it fun too!

  3. Your blog is charming. Be prepared for many more awards to come.

  4. I think that's wonderful! I got excited when I made it to the "culture is good" page on vox.