Thursday, September 27, 2012

Taste Buds

It is amazing to me how when it is THAT time of the month nothing tastes good except for chocolate, sugar, and bread.  For an entire week I fell off the low-carb wagon and wallowed around in the joy and pain of sugar in all its may forms.  My week had started off by making a delicious Salad Nicoise.

This was supposed to tide me over my week of working.  Unfortunately with the change in my hormone status the first thing I said was "Ugg.  Tastes like dirt."  (I promise that it didn't.  It really is quite delicious.)  I am now surfacing from the week of horror and have made my first meal.

Baked Red Bell Pepper and Salami Salad.  Ahh, It's nice to be back on the wagon.

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