Saturday, January 14, 2012

The "First" Day Of My Vacation

Why Plain Jane, what a dedicated blogger you are.  I can't believe you are posting on the first day of your vacation.  This must be one of those sneaky scheduled posts. 

Dear Reader, this is not a scheduled post, but one written in real time.  This is also not the first day of my vacation.  I was supposed to leave for Guatemala last week on Wednesday or Thursday.  We were going to drive.  Unfortunately my husband got a horrific stomach flu that put him in bed (or actually the bathroom) till Sunday.  Then he discovered that he needed to take these certification classes in order to get a job and those classes take till Wednesday to finish.  At that point we decided to just fly instead of drive as my vacation days were slowly ticking away.  That gave us two and a half days to find our passports and get everything together before our flight left on Saturday morning.  We collected three boxes of clothes and toys for the kids in Panajachel, weighing and measuring to make sure there would be no problems transporting them.  At 4:30am we arrived at the airport.  Standing in the unmoving line, I pulled out the passports.  That is when I noticed the date on my husbands.  "Expires January 15, 2012".  Tomorrow.  Yup.  We placed a quick call to our buddy who dropped us off, "DON'T LEAVE YET!!"  When we got to the front of the line, the ticket checker said we couldn't fly with any boxes as there was currently an embargo in place till February 1st.  Also, he isn't allowed on the plane with a passport that expires during his trip.  Now he could go to the post office and tell them he is leaving on vacation and they would fix is passport that day, but unfortunately  they are all closed for the weekend.

By this time I had decided that this trip is not happening.  So instead of making a scene, crying, arguing, threatening to sue etc, I am going to spend the rest of this "vacation" by driving up to Utah to see my family.  Guatemala will just have to wait.  And I am fine with that.  There is always a next time.


  1. Oh, my goodness! I'm so sorry!! I hope that your trip to Utah to see your family more than makes up for all of this stuff!

  2. Oh noes!! Oh dear! Oh I am so so so sorry!! Oh no!!

    Well now you know you have to get passports all sorted and at least hubby can recuperate some more and you get to see your lovely family!!

    Lots of silver linings in this bad cloud!!

    Big hugs from me! Take care

  3. well that bites! Hope it happens soon.