Friday, January 29, 2010

Calling all cat lovers

My cat is a freak. Well, one of them at least. "Amos" has decided that he never wants to be off my lap. This becomes a problem when he curls up in my lap and places his upper body on my book, keyboard, plate of food, whatever. When I shove him off he whines, circles my chair, and is back on my lap in 2 seconds. I think that I will get one of those baby carriers that mom's strap to their chest and put him in that. It will either make him very happy or he will decide that perhaps hiding under the Christmas tree is the best place for him. What do you think? Will this work? Will it at least get the cat hair out of my dinner plate?


  1. Hi Jane

    Awwww he misses you and just wants to be the centre of your world, oh yes he does! Awww!!


    As for cat hairs. Erm. I've given up on that one too!

    Amos sounds utterly adorable!

    Good luck!

    Take care


  2. Sounds like a study in cat psychology. And if anyone could really figure out the cat psyches they would be millionaires!

  3. Aww Kitty, you understand. My husband just gets irritatied.

    LA, Yes it is still up. You got something to say about that? Wanna fight? We both love Christmas so we decided that the tree will remain up until we move from our appartment. It adds a very suble lighting to the room.

  4. I was going to say, your Christmas tree is still up???? But I don't want a fight. So I won't say it!!! Cat needs a hammock.

  5. Ugh. Cat hair on your dinner plate! I left my tree up until February one year. Why take it down until it's time to decorate for Valentines?--even if you only put a heart-shaped basket on the coffee table and call it decorated.

  6. Jane, I gave you an award today, come by my blog and get it. Maybe it will get you some more followers!

  7. Ann...Absolutly a hammock. Great idea! Now I just have to find one.

    Kate...Do I have to take down my tree just because I decorate for Valentines? Can't I just put heart on my tree?

    KarenG...My cat's psycology is obvious. He turned into this needy, helpless thing when I saved him from being left behind.

  8. your cat's name is Amos?

    that makes me want a cookie..... or to study to take the GED test.